Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Using a Sponsorship Model to Save a Small Bookstore

Amazing story . . .

"News headlines reporting the death of the independent bookstore were premature, just as Beatts is finding he was also premature in announcing Borderlands’ end. Big chains such as Barnes & Noble and Borders were predicted to wipe bookstores out in 1990s, and while many closed, several held on and even weathered the 2008-2009 economic downturn. Currently, Amazon holds approximately 29 percent of the book market compared with independent stores’ 10 percent. Yet, independent bookstores aren’t an endangered species, creating a niche market in the digital age with sales modestly rising and doing things Amazon can’t, such as holding events, inviting guest authors to speak and personalizing consumer transactions, everything Borderlands already excelled at."

 “There isn’t a formula here. I don’t know any two bookstores that do things alike. We’ve seen a multiplicity of models. Like anything in retail, you gotta keep working at it, keep mixing it up. It’s about connecting to your customers . . .”


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  1. The hundred or so individuals who showed up generally had help to offer and thoughts to share. One was to pitch enrolments to individuals who were ready to be charged essentially to have Borderlands keep on existing. This idea had jumped out at Beats, however he had expelled it as an excessive amount of like requesting a freebie.